Service Bulletins

Bulletin #
1/1/2002 RS322 4-Cycle Engines Carburetor Main Jets
4/1/1989 RS190 All Models Discontinuance of Supply of Part for Export
4/1/1991 RS204 All Models Discontinuance of Supply of Blower Housing Complete
4/1/1991 RS205 All Models Discountinuance of Supply for Magneto Assy.
5/1/1990 RS198 DY23 Parts Changes of DY23 Engine
RS227 DY23-2, DY27-2 Cylinder Head, Valve Modification
3/1/1999 RS274 DY23-2, DY27-2 Change of Head Gasket
4/1/1999 RS271 DY23-2, DY27-2 Change of Solenoid
6/1/2001 RS306 DY23-2, DY27-2 Modification in Crankcase, Head Gasket & Camshaft
8/1/2001 RS309 DY23-2, DY27-2 Change of Main Bearing Cover
9/1/2002 RS327 DY23-2, DY27-2 Change of Mounting Bolt for Main Bearing Cover
10/1/1998 RS265 DY23-2D, DY27-2D Change of Camshaft see RA-SB-006
3/1/2000 RS290 DY23-2D, DY27-2D Change of Camshaft
3/1/2000 RA-SB-006 DY23-2D, DY27-2D Change of Camshaft
5/1/1990 RS199 DY27 Parts Changes of DY27 Engine
RS229 DY30, DY35, DY41 Specification Change on Electric Starter & Hand Cranking Engines
8/1/1993 RS224 DY30, DY35, DY41 Discontinuance of Flywheel Black Paint
9/1/2002 RS329 DY30, DY35, DY41, DY42 Change of Fuel Tank Bracket
8/1/2001 RS310 DY41, DY42 Change of Connecting Rod & Related Parts
9/1/1998 RS262 EC Series, EH12-2 Rammer Change of Fuel Tank Cap
12/1/1994 RS243 EC02ER, HER Magneto Assembly
12/1/1992 RS218 EC08, EC10 Change on Gasoline Engine Oil Mixture Ratio
3/1/1999 RS266 EC10 Unification of Crankcase
9/1/1998 RS264 EC10 Rammer Change of Governor Plate Clip
RS237 EC10, EC17V Oil Drain Plug
3/1/1990 RS197 EC10D, EC10B, EC10V Fuel Oil Mixing Ratio
12/1/2002 RS334 EH Series Change of Valve Clearance
5/1/2001 RS304 EH, EY Series, R650 Change of Ignition Coil
2/1/2002 RS323 EH, EY, DY Series Connecting Rod Replacement Parts
4/1/2000 RS295 EH09 Correction of an Error in Parts Catalog
9/1/2000 RS296 EH09 Change of Crankshaft
10/1/2001 RS315 EH09 Change of Carburetor Parts
1/1/2002 RS321 EH09 Change of Mounting Method of Air Vent Hose
7/1/2007 RS441 EH09-2 Change of Muffler
10/1/2007 RS443 EH09-2 Change of Gasket (Intake)
11/1/2007 RS444 EH09-2 Change of Muffler
7/1/2000 RA-SB-008 EH09D Change in Air Cleaner
RS255 EH12, EH17, EH25 Change of Crankcase, Main Bearing Cover, Cylinder Head & Gaskets
3/1/1998 RS257A EH12, EH17, EH25 Model Change to EH12-2 EH17-2 & EH25-2
RS256 EH12, EH17, EH30, EH34 Change of Valves & Valve Spring Retainer
5/1/1999 RS277 EH12-2 Change of the Parts Related to Crankshaft
9/1/2000 RS302 EH12-2 Change of Crankcase
3/1/2009 RS457 EH12-2 17-2 25-2 30 34 36 41 Change of emission label
7/1/2007 RS440 EH12-2 RAMMER Change of Gasket for Air Cleaner
4/1/1999 RS279 EH12-2, 17-2, 25-2 Engine Serial Numbers
5/1/1999 RS272 EH12-2, EH17-2 Change of Parts for Carburetor & Idle Control (Slow Down)
3/1/2000 RS291 EH12-2, EH17-2 Change of Gasket (Main Bearing Cover)
9/1/2000 RS301 EH12-2, EH17-2 Change of Fuel Stainer for the Vibrator Specs
12/1/1999 RS260 EH12-2, EH17-2, EH25-2 Change of Tapping Screws & Tapping Bolts
4/1/2000 RS292 EH12-2, EH17-2, EH25-2 Change of the Upper Mount Wire Bracket
1/1/2003 RS335 EH12-2, EH17-2, EX13, EX17, EX21, EY15-3, EY20-3 Change of Recoil Starter
3/1/1999 RS273 EH12-2D Rammer Change of Parts Related to Crankshaft
10/1/1999 RS282 EH12-2D Rammer Change in Magneto AY & Related Parts
4/1/2000 RS294 EH12-2D Rammer Change of Oil Guage
RS236 EH12D, EH17D Oil Sensor Modification
RS247 EH17, EH25, EH30, EH34 Piston Ring Set
3/1/2001 RS303 EH17-2, EH25-2 Change of Crankcase
12/1/1999 RS267 EH17-2B Change of Piston & Piston Pin
RS258A EH18V Cylinder Head Change Model Year 1998
10/1/1999 RA-SB-003A EH18V Hot Start Problem
10/1/1999 RA-SB-004 EH18V Breather Plates
RS245 EH25 Oil Sensor
RS241 EH25 Needle Valve in Dust Proof Carburetor
7/1/1999 RS278 EH25-2 Change of Gasket (Main Bearing Cover)
10/1/2001 RS316 EH25-2, EH72 Valve Guide for Replacement Parts
12/1/1999 RS268 EH25-2B Change of Camshaft
6/1/1999 RS276 EH30, 34, 25-2, 43V, 36, 41: EY23, 28, 35, 40 Change of Needle Valve
RS246 EH30, EH34 Oil Sensor
RS249 EH30, EH34 Major Change in Engine Configuration
8/1/1990 RS200 EH30, EH34 Crankcase & Main Bearing Cover Design Changes
2/1/1993 RS221 EH30, EH34 Consolidation Balancer Shaft & Sylinder Head Gasket
7/1/1999 RS281 EH30, EH34 Correction of Parts Catalog
4/1/2000 RS286 EH30, EH34 Change of Muffler & Muffler Cover
9/1/2000 RS298 EH30, EH34 Change of Speed Control Lever
5/1/2001 RS305 EH30, EH34 Change of Intake, Exhause Valve & Addition of Stem Seal
9/1/2002 RS325 EH30, EH34 Change of Governor Lever
1/1/2003 RS326 EH30, EH34 Change of Cylinder Head
9/1/2000 RS297 EH30, EH34, EH36, EH41 Change of Recoil Starter
7/1/1991 RS208 EH30, EH34, EH43 Design Changes on Parts
7/1/1991 RS209 EH30, EH34D, EH34B Design Changes on Fuel Tank & Related Parts
12/1/2007 RS445 EH36 / 41 Change of Pivot Bolt
10/1/1999 RS285 EH36, EH41 Correction of an Error in Parts Catalog
8/1/2001 RS308 EH36, EH41 Change of Mounting Nut for Muffler
1/1/2003 RS337 EH36, EH41 Change of Cylinder Head
3/1/2009 RS458 EH63 64 65 63V 65V and EH72 Change of emission label
1/1/2005 RS373 EH63 EH64 EH65 Minor change of EH63 64 65
9/1/2001 RS311 EH63, EH64, EH65 Change of Mounting Bolt for Main Bearing Cover
9/1/2001 RS313 EH63, EH64, EH65 Correction of Parts Catalog
8/1/2001 RA-SB-011 EH63, EH64, EH65, EH72 30 amp Wiring Harness
7/1/1999 RS280 EH63D, EH64D, EH65D Correction of an error in Parts Catalog
7/1/1999 RS275 EH63D, EH64D, EH65D Change of Starting Motor
10/1/1999 RS289 EH63D, EH64D, EH65D Correction of and Error in Service News (RS275)
3/21/2002 RDN1102 EH65 & EH72 High Altitude Kits
11/1/1999 RA-SB-005 EH65 Series Valve Springs
6/1/2000 RA-SB-007 EH65 Series Oil Pressure Switch Parts Lists
5/1/1999 RA-SB-001 EH65, EH64, EH63 Electric Starter Motor Change
4/13/2009 RDN 03-09 EX EX Washable Air Cleaner Elements
RS336 EX Series Change in Valve Clearance refer to RA-SB-013
2/1/2003 RS341 EX Series Oversize Piston & Piston Ring Set
8/15/2003 High Altitude Kits EX Series EX Series High Altitude Kits
3/1/2009 RS456 EX Series Change of emission label
12/1/2007 RS442 EX13, 17, 21 Change of Governor Lever
12/1/2007 RS446 EX13, 17, 21, 27, 30 Cold Weather Kit
5/1/2002 RA-SB-013 EX13, EX17, EX21, EX27 Rocker Shaft Replacement & Valve Clearance
7/17/2003 RS348 EX13, EX17, EX21, EX27 Change of EX Engines Series Produced in and after June 2003
5/7/2012 SDN-18-12 EX27, 35 & 40 Rotating Screen Kits
4/1/2000 RS293 EY & EH Sereis Engines Change of Air Cleaner AY
RS228 EY08 Engine Specification Change
8/1/1993 RS223 EY08 Specification Update
4/1/1999 RS269 EY08 Change of Magneto
10/1/1999 RS283 EY08 Changes of the Crankcase & Crankshaft
10/1/1999 RS284 EY08 Changes in Fuel Tank & Fuel Tank Cap
9/1/2000 RS299 EY08 Change of Air Cleaner for the Plate
RS235 EY08, EY15, EY20, EY28 New Plate Specialty Engines
9/1/1998 RS261 EY08, EY20, EH17-2 Change of Cyclone Air Cleaner
RS238A EY08, R650 Oil Sensor
9/1/1989 RS195 EY15 Modification of Ignition Coil
1/1/1993 RS217 EY15 Introduction of New Plate Compactor Specification
RS254 EY15, EY20 Change of Piston & Piston Rings
7/1/1989 RS191 EY15, EY20 Modification of Air Cleaner
7/1/1989 RS192 EY15, EY20 Modification of Recoil Starter
6/1/1991 RS207 EY15, EY20 Modification of Joint for Oil Level Sensor
12/1/1992 RS220 EY15, EY20 Oil Sensor Modification
4/1/1998 RS258 EY15, EY20 Change of Cyclone Air Cleaner
4/1/2000 RS287 EY15, EY20 Camshaft
RS240 EY15, EY20, EY28 Connecting Rod Bolt
4/1/1998 RS259 EY15, EY20, EY28: EH12-2, EH17-2, EH25-2 Change of Oil Guage
12/1/1989 RS196 EY150B Modification of Optional Plastick Fuel Tank
7/1/1991 RS211 EY15-2B Modification of Main Bearing Cover
2/1/1994 RS230 EY15-2B, EY20B Oil Sensor
4/1/1994 RS231 EY15-2B, EY20B Decompression System
6/1/2001 RS307 EY15-3, EY20-3 Model Change of EY15 & EY20
9/1/2001 RS314 EY15-3, EY20-3 Temporary Change of Magneto AY
10/1/2001 RS317 EY15-3, EY20-3 Engine Specification for Emission Requlations
10/1/2001 RS319 EY15-3, EY20-3 Change of Engine Speed Set
1/1/2002 RS320 EY15-3, EY20-3 Change of Fuel Tank Cap
RS250 EY15D Change of Carbureto
5/1/1999 RS263 EY15D Change of the Parts for EY15D Pump Specification
8/1/1993 RS225 EY15D, 2B Standard Engine Specification Change
RS232 EY15D, EY15-2B, EY15V Recoil Starter Modification
3/1/1996 RS252 EY15D, EY22D Oil Sensor Change
7/1/1989 RS193 EY18, EY23, EY35, EY40, EY44-2 Modification of Fuel Strainer
11/1/1999 RS202 EY18-3, EY23, EY35, EY40 Modification of Starting Motor
8/1/1991 RS206 EY20 Modification of Electric Start Model
9/1/2002 RS330 EY20-3 Change of Carburetor
9/1/2002 RS332 EY20-3 Change of Carburetor
8/1/1993 RS226 EY20D , B Standard Engine Specification Change
3/1/1994 RS233 EY20D, EY20B, EY20V Recoil Starter Modification
2/1/1989 RS189 EY21 Change of Ignition Coil
12/1/1992 RS219 EY23, 28, 35, 40, 45v: eh21, 30, 34, 43V Material Change on Carb Float & Modification of Spare Parts Needle Valve
3/1/1996 RS253 EY23D Oil Sensor
RS244 EY28 Oil Sensor
9/1/1989 RS194 EY28 Modification of Ignition Coil
1/1/1992 RS215 EY28 Modification of the Recoil Starter
10/1/1999 RS288 EY28 Correction of an Error in Parts Catalog
9/1/2002 RS331 EY28 Change of STD Engine Specification
RS239 EY28, EH25, DY23-2, DY27-2 Pulley Cover
RS234 EY28B Recoil Starter AY Modification
8/1/1992 RS216 EY28D Modification of the Recoil Starter
RS248 EY35D, EY40D Oil Sensor Modification
9/1/1988 WR-SPB-7-88 EY40 KTR Ignition
11/1/1990 RS203 EY44-2 Design Change of Speed Control Bolt
7/1/1991 RS210 EY80-3 Modification of Wiring Harness
12/1/1984 RG16 LG, LGK, RGX, RGK, & RGD Unifying of Specification of AVR
9/1/2000 RA-SB-010 PTV405T Reassemble Pump Casing Over Bolts
3/1/2009 RG70 R1100 R1700i Instrucations for installation of fuel tank and body cover
10/1/2002 RG44 R1300 Change of Engine
9/1/1984 RG15 R600 Modification of Muffler
9/1/1984 RG11 R600 Inspection for Float Type Oil Level Control System
9/1/1984 RG12 R600 Serial Number Postion
7/1/1999 RG34 R650 Changes in the Crankcase and Crankshaft
9/1/1984 RG13 RG201 Replacement Engine for RG201 Generator
3/1/2007 RG 65 RG3200iS/4300i/4300i Change of Micro Switch
10/1/2007 RG63 RG4300i, RG3200iS, RG4300iS Change of Wiring Harness
1/1/2001 RG37 RGD2500, RGD3300 Change in name and Alternator
8/1/1998 RG33 RGD2500S, RGD3300S Change of Multi-control Unit
9/1/1984 RG14 RGD351 Modification of Fuel Tank Mounting
9/1/2000 RA-SB-009 RGV Series Electric Start Reversed Battery Polarity
11/1/2000 RG36 RGV10000 Correction of Parts Catalog
6/1/2002 RG40 RGV10100 Correction of Parts Catalog
11/1/2002 RG43 RGV10100, RGV12100, RGV13100T Adoption of Relay, ECU, Charge Coil & Battery Cable
10/1/2002 RG41 RGV12000 Change name to RGV12100
12/1/2006 RG66 RGV12000, 13000T, 12100 & 13100T Spark Arrester
1/1/2009 RG69 RGV12100 RGV13100T Change of wire harness
3/1/2009 RG71 RGV12100 RGV13100T Change of engine
RA-SB-002 RGV13000T Control Panel Change
10/1/2002 RG42 RGV13000T, RGV13100T Change of Transformer for Spare Parts
5/1/2002 RG38 RGV4100, RGV6100, RGV7500 Change of Battery Cable Color, Addition of Protection Fuse
3/1/2007 RA SB2007-15 RGV6100 Change of Wiring Connection
1/1/2001 RG35A RGV6100, RGV7500 Change in Recoil Starter
1/1/2000 RA-SB-003 RGV7500 Bolt & Washer on Solenoid Bracket
12/1/1984 RG17 RGX, RGD Equipping Generator w/ 4P Twist Lock Receptacle
12/1/1992 RS222 RH30, EH34 Specification Reconfirmation

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