Service Bulletins

Bulletin #
8/15/2008 JC-021-08 "E" Series ZT200 Deck Lift Lever
4/26/2011 JC-005-11 "G" Series ProCat and Predator-Pro Hydraulic whining on new G series ProCat and Predator-Pro
4/14/2011 JC-003-11 "G" Series Walk-Behind Mowers Fuel Tank Recall
11/21/2003 C-316-03 12" Jr Sod Cutter 12" Blade part number incorrect
2/23/2010 JC-006-10 21" Walk-Behind mowers 21" Blade Hub NLA 71009 and 71002B
10/15/2009 JC-019-09 26hp Kaw Liquid Cooled Full Size ZT Sporadic Reports of throwing/shreeding PTO belt
7/1/2000 SBJ482 2wd 700's New Ball Joint & Spindles
11/28/2005 C-045-05 3 Bag Collection System Muffler Guard Kit
11/28/2005 C-048-05 3 Bag Collection System Muffler Guard Kit
9/1/2003 C-149-03 4300 Tractor Idler Bracket Arm
4/14/2008 JC-008-08 48 & 52 Full size Zero Turn Units Final release in campaign to improve rear deck idler
7/1/2000 SBJ483 4wd 700's New Ball Joint & Wheel Motor Mount
7/10/2006 C-025-06 544860 36" TOW Lawnaire Tire may rub yoke
1/22/2008 JC-001-08 61 Full Size BOB-CAT & BUNTON Zero Turns. 970367 Heavy Duty PTO Idler Post for 61
6/8/2011 JC-007-11 642245E, 642245F, 942245E, 942245F,942253F Kaw. Engine stalling when engaging PTO
2/1/2001 SBJ523 700 Incorrect Toe-in Adjustment
7/13/2001 SBJ552 700 Fuel Line Routing
12/17/2001 SBJ573 700 2WD Pump Update
12/19/2001 SBJ575 700 4WD 4WD Pump Update
12/19/2001 SBJ576 700 4WD 4WD Pump Update EC
9/1/2000 SBJ495 708, 709, 710 Charge Pump Hose Kit
10/1/2000 SBJ503 708, 709, 710 Clutch Mounting Bolt Torque
12/14/2001 SBJ571 714, 717 Hot Oil Shuttle
3/26/2008 JC-005-08 72 Full size Zero Turn Units 970368 Heavy Duty PTO Idler Post for 72
3/26/2008 JC-006-08 72 units Release of Rubber Chute Kit F/72
11/28/2005 C-047-05 73-70005 Battery Hold Down
5/30/2006 C-018-06 942241D Brake Caliper Clearence
6/19/2009 JC-012-09 942245D, E, F OR 642245D, E, F Sporadic reports of throwing/shredding PTO Belt
8/11/2008 JC-018-08 942246E & 642246E Possible wrong Pulley & Wrong Governor setting
3/3/2010 JC-00710 942250 Change to clutch stop on 942250
3/27/2009 JC-004-009 942311F AND 942313F Warranty Time Period
10/1/1998 SB389 946708 Fuel Line Routing
12/17/2001 SBJ572 946716 EC Hot Oil Shuttle
11/16/2009 JC-021-09 970338 & 970339 BOSS-VAC Counter Weight Fitment
5/1/1999 SB412 All Fuel Cap
9/21/2009 JC-016-09 ALL SUPPLEMENT TO C-168-03 AND JC-027-07
2/1/2010 JC-020-09 All Warranty Claim Submission Time Limit
2/18/2010 JC-005-10 All Mislabeled Clutches
3/15/2010 JC-004-07 All Battery Equipped Models
8/31/2007 JC-016-07 All 3 Bag Catchers Debris Guard Option
7/7/2011 JC-011-11 All G Series ProCat & Predator-Pro Riders Seat Control Arm Interference 64262-011
4/1/2010 JC-008-10 All Gear-Drive Walk-Behind units Correctly Diagnosing a Peerless Gearbox Failure
11/2/2012 JC-016-12 All hydraulically driven mowers New hub puller replaces 3 970438
2/1/2003 J608 All Lawnaire IV & V's with Honda Engines Possiblitiy that the maximum engine speed is set too high.
6/9/2011 JC-008-07rev3 All Leo Models Premature failure of Eaton trans. Out of warranty 4129341
3/8/2012 JC-008-07 REV4 ALL LEO MODELS Premature failure of Eaton transaxles out of warranty 4129341
6/6/2005 C-024-05 All Ryan Product Improper Replacement Tines
6/6/2011 Service Advisory All Zero Turns No Flat Caster Wheels
6/22/2010 JC-013-10 ALL ZERO TURNS produced after 5/15/2010 New Hour Meter Instructions
8/21/2007 JC-018-07 All ZT200 Deck Rear Idler Post Retaining Bolt 64270-01
5/24/2007 JC-005-07 Bob Cat & Bunton ZT Hydraulic Tank
6/1/2001 SBJ546 Bobcat 942103 & 942105 970233 Spring/Damper kit
3/1/2001 SBJ545 Bobcat 942211 Crankshaft Spacing
4/1/2001 SBJ542 Bobcat 942211 Hour Meter Wiring
11/1/1999 SBJ440 Bobcat 942300 Caster Wheel Bearings
4/1/2000 SBJ454 Bobcat 942300 Control Arm Dampner
5/1/2000 SBJ472 Bobcat 942300 Clutch
5/1/2000 SBJ474 Bobcat 942300 Caster Supports
7/1/2000 SBJ477 Bobcat 942300 New Control Arms
7/1/2000 SBJ481 Bobcat 942300 Caster Yoke Bearings
8/1/2000 SBJ488 Bobcat 942300 Wheel Bearings
12/1/2000 SBJ511 Bobcat 942300 New Suspension Seat
3/1/2001 SBJ537 Bobcat 942300 Deck Chain Guides
12/1/2000 SBJ515 Bobcat 942301 New Suspension Seat
3/1/2001 SBJ536 Bobcat 942301 Deck Chain Guides
3/1/2001 SBJ540 Bobcat 954804 Belt Tensioning kit
10/1/1998 SB388 Bobcat All Midsize Kawasaki Fan Screen
1/1/2002 SBJ564 Bobcat All Midsize Kawasaki Intake Screen
5/1/1999 SB409 Bobcat All Midsize Kawasaki Valve Springs
6/1/1999 SB416 Bobcat All ZT100 Pump Belt
7/1/1999 SB422 Bobcat All ZT100 Hydraulic filter and clutch guard
5/1/2000 SBJ462 Bobcat All ZT100 Caster wheel hubs
5/1/2000 SBJ464 Bobcat All ZT100 New clutch
6/1/2001 SBJ548 Bobcat All ZT100 970210 Heavy Duty air cleaner kit
1/1/2002 SBJ581 Bobcat All ZT100 Eliminator blades
4/1/2002 SBJ590 Bobcat All ZT100 Caster wheel bearings
5/1/2002 SBJ594 Bobcat All ZT100 Height of cut pins
6/1/2002 SBJ600 Bobcat All ZT100 Pump Arm Kit
5/1/1998 SB375 Bobcat All ZT200 Wheel motor mounting bolts
5/1/1999 SB413 Rev1 Bobcat All ZT200 Clutch bracets
11/1/1999 SBJ444 Bobcat All ZT200 Wheel installation
11/1/1999 SBJ440 Bobcat All ZT200 Caster wheel bearing
5/1/2000 SBJ459 Rev 1 Bobcat All ZT200 Control arm dampner
5/1/2000 SBJ466 Bobcat All ZT200 Suspension seat
5/1/2000 SBJ470 Bobcat All ZT200 New Clutch
7/1/2000 SBJ479 Bobcat All ZT200 Fuel line installation
8/1/2000 SBJ487 Bobcat All ZT200 Caster wheel bearing update
10/1/2000 SBJ497 Bobcat All ZT200 Caster yoke tapered roller bearings
10/1/2000 SBJ498 Bobcat All ZT200 New deck craddle
10/1/2000 SBJ504 Bobcat All ZT200 New wiring harness
12/1/2000 SBJ516 Bobcat All ZT200 Remote Air Cleaner
3/1/2001 SBJ551 Bobcat All ZT200 970235 Caster Wheel Anti-shimmy Kit
3/1/2001 SBJ562 Bobcat All ZT200 970236 Deck Leveling Kit
4/10/2009 JC-003-09 BOB-CAT BUNTON Spark Arrestor and Warning Decal
3/1/2001 SBJ534 Bobcat Current ZT20 New Hydro Pumps
1/1/2001 SBJ519 Bobcat Current ZT200 Suspension Seat Spacers
2/1/2001 SBJ521 Bobcat Current ZT200 Hydraulic Oil cooler Hardware Interference
8/1/2001 SBJ555 Bobcat Hydro Midsize 970230 Hydro Traction Control Kit
12/1/2001 SBJ567 Bobcat Hydro Midsize Drive Springs
12/1/2001 SBJ569 Bobcat Midsize Hole Decals
1/1/2002 SBJ580 Bobcat Midsize Eliminator Blades
1/1/2002 SBJ583 Bobcat Midsize Decal
5/1/2002 SBJ596 Bobcat Midsize Spindle Pulley Clamping
10/8/2012 JC-014-12 Bob-Cat Mowers w/Kawasaki engines Faulty Fuel Filter
9/1/1998 SB380 Bobcat Variable Midsize Input Shaft Replacement
3/1/1999 SB401 Bobcat Variable Midsize UPdated Input Shaft Replacement
7/1/2000 SBJ476 Bobcat Variable Midsize Removal of Variable Speed Clutch Rod & Belt
8/1/1999 SBJ433 Bobcat ZT100 All Decks Timing sprockets
7/1/1999 SB424 Bobcat ZT100 Collection Grassbox support
7/1/1999 SB426 Bobcat ZT100 Collection Grassbox latch rod
3/1/2001 SBJ527 Bobcat ZT100 Collection Triflector flow kit
3/1/2001 SBJ530 Bobcat ZT100 Collection Blower assembly kit
9/1/2001 SBJ558 Bobcat ZT100 Collection 42 & 48 Mulching kit
7/1/1999 SB421 Bobcat ZT100 Collection 42" Belt Tensioner
3/1/1999 SB404 Bobcat ZT100 Collection Units Blower pulley and belt
3/1/2001 SBJ543 Bobcat ZT200 61" Cutterdecks Anit-scalp Rollers
1/1/2002 SBJ582 Bobcat ZT200 Eliminator Blades
7/1/2002 SBJ601 Bobcat ZT200 Kawasaki Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
5/1/2000 SBJ468 Bobcat ZT200 48" Deck Pusharm brackets
2/1/2004 C-008-04 Bobcat/Bunton BT2/BZT2 Series Pump Pulley
1/26/2004 C-004-04 Bobcat/Bunton MidSize Brake Drum
2/1/2004 C-007-04 Bobcat/Bunton ZT ZT Diesel Engine Oil Fill & Drain Tube
3/23/2004 C-012-04 Bobcat/Bunton ZT2 Oil Leak Kawasaki FH601V/FH680V/FH721V
1/22/2010 JC-002-10 BOSS-VAC 52" AND 61" Belt Cover
3/28/2005 C-015-05 BTZ/ZT 2721814 Lift Switch 2721814
6/1/2001 SBJ547 Bunton 642105 970233 Spring/Damper Kit
9/1/2000 SBJ496 Bunton 642201 642203 642204 642206 and 642207 Caster Yoke Tapered Roller Bearings
7/1/2000 SBJ490 Bunton 642300 Wheel Bearings
12/1/2000 SBJ514 Bunton 642300 New Suspension Seat
3/1/2001 SBJ538 Bunton 642300 Deck Chain Guides
3/1/2001 SBJ539 Bunton 654804 Belt Tensioning Kit
8/1/2000 SBJ489 Bunton 655202 and 656102 Wheel Bearings
5/1/2000 SB407 Rev 1 Bunton All BZT Frame Support
6/1/1999 SB415 Bunton All BZT1000 New Pump Belt
7/1/1999 SB423 Bunton All BZT1000 Filter and Clutch Guard
5/1/2000 SBJ461 Bunton All BZT1000 Caster Wheel and Hubs
5/1/2000 SBJ463 Bunton All BZT1000 New Clutch
6/1/2001 SBJ549 Bunton All BZT1000 970210 Heavy Duty Air Cleaner Kit
5/1/2000 SBJ469 Bunton All BZT2000 New Clutch
5/1/2000 SB414 Rev 1 Bunton All BZT2000 Clutch Bracket
5/1/2000 SBJ445 Rev 1 Bunton All BZT2000 Wheel Installation
5/1/2000 SBJ446 Rev 1 Bunton All BZT2000 Caster Wheel Bearing
5/1/2000 SBJ460 Rev 1 Bunton All BZT2000 New Dampner
5/1/2000 SBJ465 Bunton All BZT2000 Suspension Seat
7/1/2000 SBJ480 Bunton All BZT2000 Fuel Line Installation
10/1/2000 SBJ501 Bunton All BZT2000 New Deck Craddle
11/1/2000 SBJ507 Bunton All BZT2000 New Wiring Harness
12/1/2000 SBJ517 Bunton All BZT2000 Remote Air Cleaner
1/1/2001 SBJ520 Bunton All BZT2000 Suspension Seat Spacers
10/1/1998 SB390 Bunton All Midsize New Spindle Assemble
5/1/2000 SBJ448 Rev 1 Bunton BZT Cutterdecks Spindle Pulley Spacer
5/1/2000 SB400 Rev 1 Bunton BZT Units w/20 HP Engines Grass Catcher Pulley
1/1/2002 SBJ578 Bunton BZT1000 Eliminator Blades
4/1/2002 SBJ589 Bunton BZT1000 Wheel Bearings
4/1/2002 SBJ592 Bunton BZT1000 Smooth Rear Wheel
5/1/2002 SBJ595 Bunton BZT1000 Height of Cut Pins
7/1/2002 SBJ599 Bunton BZT1000 Pump Arms
9/1/2001 SBJ559 Bunton BZT1000 Collection Mulching Kits
7/1/1999 SB427 Bunton BZT1000 Collection Unit Grass Box Latch Rod
3/1/2001 SBJ529 Bunton BZT1000 Collection Unit Blower Assembly Kit
7/1/1999 SB425 Bunton BZT1000 Collection Units Grass Box Support
3/1/2001 SBJ528 Bunton BZT1000 Collection Units Triflector Flow Kit
8/1/1999 SBJ434 Bunton BZT1000 Cutter Deck Timing Sprockets
3/1/2001 SBJ544 Bunton BZT2000 61" Cutterdecks Anti-scalp Rollers
3/1/2001 SBJ550 Bunton BZT2000 970235 caster Wheel Anti-shimmy Kit
10/1/2001 SBJ563 Bunton BZT2000 970237 Deck Leveling Kit
1/1/2002 SBJ579 Bunton BZT2000 Eliminator Blades
6/1/2002 SBJ602 Bunton BZT2000 Pump Arm
5/1/2000 SBJ467 Bunton BZT2000 48" Deck Pusharm Mounting Brackets
9/1/1998 SB385 Bunton BZT31LCG 970150 Machine Update Kit
5/1/2000 SBJ452 Rev 1 Bunton BZT31LCG Spindle Update Kit
9/1/2000 SBJ492 Bunton BZT31LCG Control Arm Mounts
2/1/2001 SBJ524 Bunton BZT31LCG Anti-scalp Roller
5/1/2000 SBJ446 Rev 1 Bunton BZT3310 Caster Wheel Bearing
5/1/2000 SBJ453 Rev 1 Bunton BZT3310 New Control Arm Dampner
5/1/2000 SBJ471 Bunton BZT3310 New Clutch
5/1/2000 SBJ473 Bunton BZT3310 Caster Supports
7/1/2000 SBJ493 Bunton BZT3310 Caster Yoke Bearings
2/1/2001 SBJ522 Bunton Current BZT2000 Hydraulic Oil cooler Hardware Interference
3/1/2001 SBJ535 Bunton Current BZT2000 New Hydro Pumps
1/1/1999 SB396 Bunton Hydro Midsize Console Slot Repair Plate
8/1/2001 SBJ556 Bunton Hydro Midsize 970230 Hydro Traction Control Kit
12/1/2001 SBJ568 Bunton Hydro Midsize Drive Springs
10/1/1998 SB387 Bunton Midsize Kawasaki Fan Housing Screen
5/1/1999 SB410 Bunton Midsize Kawasaki Valve Springs
12/1/2001 SBJ570 Bunton Midsize Decks Hole Decals
1/1/2002 SBJ584 Bunton Midsize Decal
1/1/2002 SBJ565 Bunton Midsize Kawasaki Intake Air Screen
5/1/2002 SBJ597 Bunton Midsize Spindle Pulley Clamping
1/10/2007 JC-002-07 Bunton Z Control (Hydro) 2721246 Dampener
4/1/1994 541 Cushman 218 and 222 engine Original CDI discontinued 888853 & 888452
11/1/1999 SBJ439 Cutter Decks Cutter Deck Belts & Wheel Motors
5/24/2010 JC-010-10 DFI UNITS Vapor Lock Prevention Kit
10/15/2009 JC-018-09 F Series BOB-CAT units Only 16cc Pump Pulley possible wrong nut
8/1/2007 JC-014-07 FAST CAT & ROCKET Retaining clip installation on deck isler spring post
11/28/2007 JC-026-07 Fast Cat & Rocket Gas Tank reference numbers reversed
12/18/2007 JC-029-07 FAST CAT & ROCKET Transaxle Fan part number Wrong 4163055
6/22/2010 JC-011-10 FASTCAT Securing Cable & Hose
10/8/2010 JC-016-10 FastCat & Full Size ZT2 with Kaw Engine Engine shuts down immediately and will not restart
4/23/2008 JC-013-08 Fastcat & Rocket 970378 Anti Scalp Kit f/48 FastCat/Rocket
6/18/2008 JC-014-08 Fastcat & Rocket 970345 Anti Scalp Kit 42"
7/16/2008 JC-017-08 Fastcat & Rocket PTO Idler Belt Guide
5/1/2009 JC-010-09 FastCat & Rocket Models Pump Idler Spring - Running change
5/15/2009 JC-011-09 FastCat & Rocket Models Breaking the charge pump cover on the Transaxle
10/22/2012 JC-018-12 FASTCAT 942406H & 942406J Throwing PTO belt 970447
9/14/2010 JC-015-10 Fastcat Pro & RZ Bolt that holds the clutch to the crankshaft
12/3/2010 JC-022-10 FastCat Pro 61" Units Rear Bumper Weights - Incorrect weight distribution on some units
2/12/2010 JC-004-10 FastCat RZ 970357 Folding Rops
8/22/2008 JC-023-08 FastCat/Rocket Running Change Transaxle
11/13/2009 JC-022-09 Full Size ZT200 Series Seat Absorber Kit & Wheel Lug Bolt
8/30/2012 JC-013-12 G & H Series ProCat & Predator Pro Electrical short -fuse blows
2/24/2011 JC-02-11 G Series ProCat and Predator-Pro (52 & 61 in models) Loose of height of cut after a few hundred hours of use
12/10/2012 JC-022-12 G,H & J Series ProCat & Predator-Pro Premature deck belt failure
5/25/2007 JC-011-07 Gear Drive Walk Behind Soft Shift Fork
8/1/1999 SB430 Gearbox Units Clutch Stop Kit
5/1/2000 SBJ455 Gearbox Units New Clutch
6/15/2004 C-021-04 General 38665 Soleniod
5/1/2006 C-017-06 Grass Catcher Bag Catcher flexible hose interfering w/ tire in some cases
5/25/2012 JC-011-12 G-Series 72" Predator-Pro & ProCat decks Missing Spindle Washer 64163-68
11/12/2007 JC-027-07 Hyraulic Testing Testing Hydraulic system before replacing components
8/8/2005 C-039-05 JR SODCUTTER Rear Wheel Spacer
3/19/2009 JC-002-09 Labor Codes Updated labor codes in Warranty Smart
11/1/2004 C-043-04 Lawnaire 28 Tine Arm Welds
11/1/2004 C-042-04 Lawnaire 28 Tine Arm Welds
2/1/1994 PI260 LAWNAIRE IV 547855 Axle Needle Bearing Kit 547855
4/11/2005 C-018-05 Lawnaire IV & V Drive Belt Disengagement
2/2/2006 C-005-06 Lawnaire IV & V Transport Wheel Stop
11/12/2007 JC-021-07 Lawnaire IV & V Honda Engine Speed
6/21/2004 C-024-04 Leo Plus/Estate Pro Plus Crankshaft Spacing
12/1/2004 C-051-04 Leo Plus/Estate Pro Plus Transaxle Maintenance
9/1/2003 C-148-03 Leo/Estate 17.5 Briggs & Stratton Engine
10/1/2003 C-154-03 Leo/Estate Pro Transmission Maintenance
10/1/2003 C-160-03 Leo/Estate Pro Exhaust Smoke on 17.5 HP ZTR
10/1/2003 C-158-03 Leo/Estate Pro Transaxle Oil
5/1/2004 970314 Leo/Estate Pro Traction Control Lever Update Kit
7/22/2004 C-020-04 Leo/Estate Pro 970314 Traction Control Lever
5/19/2008 JC-022-08 Mataway Serial Number Plate Stamping Error
8/13/2008 JC-019-08 Mid Size Walk Behind Gas Tank Fitting Change
8/8/2005 C-034-05 Mid-Size Throttle Cable
8/8/2005 C-033-05 Mid-Size Idler Pulley
12/7/2006 JC-001-06 Midsize 932010A 933011 934011 933012 934012 38456 Pulley
3/19/2007 JC-003-07 Midsize, ZT and FastCat ECO Plate
8/1/2003 C-147-03 Miscellaneous Hydraulic hoses rubbing on reels or decks
11/12/2007 JC-025-07 Mower Blade Spindles Replacing bearings in mower blade spindles
9/1/2011 JC-010-11 Older model Bob-Cat mowers New Oil Drain Kit 970423
8/1/1999 SB429 Perkins Units Air Cleaner Clamp Kit
9/1/2011 JC-012-11 Predator-Pro & ProCat G Series Mowers Hydraulic Wheel Drive Hoses
2/24/2012 JC-001-12 Predator-Pro & ProCat G Series w/Kaw Eng. Engine RPM
6/20/2012 JC-003-12 Predator-Pro, ProCat, FastCat Pro, FastCat RZ & Walk Behinds Warranty Statement Changes
10/25/2011 JC-014-11 ProCat & Predator-Pro G Series G Series Steering Check List
3/6/2012 JC-014-11 Rev 2 ProCat & Predator-Pro G Series G Series Steering Check List
6/15/2011 JC-009-11 ProCat & Preditor-Pro G Series PTO Belt Guide Placement Instructions
6/22/2010 JC-012-10 Propane Units Propane Catcher Inlet Boot
9/14/2011 JC-013-11 Riders & Walk Behinds Kawasaki Fuel Pump & Cooling Fan
6/1/1995 540233 Ryan H Frame Assy Kit
4/10/2009 JC-009-09 Ryan Spark Arrestor and Warning Decal
11/23/1998 PI296 Ryan DGA 30-06 Discontinued Bumper
10/11/2000 PI308 Ryan GA 24 & GA 30 Discontinued Woodruff Key
12/13/1995 PI278 Ryan GA 30 Aerator GA 30 Crank Arm Nuts
9/19/1996 PI286 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Seal Kit Hydraulic Motor
3/18/1998 PI289 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Belt Guide
6/1/1998 PI290 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Chain Lube
9/9/1998 PI294 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Inconsistant Ground Speed
9/9/1998 PI295 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Discontinued Hydraulic Motor
2/11/1999 PI298 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Steering Gear Box
8/31/1999 PI303 Ryan GA 30 Aerator Seat Switch Delay
9/12/2000 PI307 Ryan GA 60 & GA60PT Tensioner Adjustment
3/1/1996 PI280 Ryan Greensaire 24 Sprocket
11/23/1998 PI297 Ryan Greensaire II Timing Sprocket
8/13/2008 JC-020-08 Ryan Jr & Heavy Duty Sod Cutter Failing Sprocket/Shaft/Gear Assembly
3/16/1995 PI274 Ryan Jr SodCutter Belt Adjustmen
12/13/1995 PI277 Ryan Jr SodCutter Oil Level in B & S Engine
5/7/1996 PI283 Ryan Jr Sodcutter Drive Belt
6/26/1998 PI291 Ryan Jr Sodcutter Engine Guard Mounting
7/16/1998 PI293 Ryan Jr Sodcutter Engine Replacement
8/2/2000 PI306 Ryan Jr Sodcutter Discontinued Handle Assy.
6/6/2001 PI309 Ryan Jr Sodcutter Painted Drive Pulley
4/12/2012 JC-010-12 Ryan LA IV's & V's Torque on the Gear Reduction Bolts
4/11/1995 PI275 Ryan Lawnaire 28 Wisconsin Robin Heavy Duty Air Filtration System
5/7/1996 PI282 Ryan Lawnaire 28 Engine Conversion Kit
7/15/1998 PI292 Ryan Lawnaire 28 Oil Back Blow Preventer
3/17/1999 PI300 Ryan Lawnaire 28 Discontinued Transmission
10/7/1999 PI305 Ryan Lawnaire 28 Discontinued Lockout Latch
4/12/2011 JC-004-11 Ryan Lawnaire 3/4" Tines 522361 Tines not properly sharpened and low on hardness
3/30/1999 PI301 Ryan Lawnaire IV Drive Belt Coming Off
4/5/1999 PI302 Ryan Lawnaire IV Discontinued Parts
4/15/1996 PI281 Ryan Lawnaire IV & V Over-hardened Tines
1/10/1997 PI287 Ryan Lawnaire IV & V High Altitude Jet
5/9/1997 PI288 Ryan Lawnaire IV & V Tines
3/17/1999 PI299 Ryan Lawnaire IV & V Discontinued Control Rod
4/18/2008 JC-012-08 Ryan Lawnaire IV & V Honda Engines Gas Cap
10/7/1999 PI304 Ryan Lawnaire V Axle Inteference
4/17/2012 JC-009-12 Ryan Mataway & Mataway Overseeder Control Panel Decal
1/1/1994 PI272 Ryan Models 544317, 544423, 544859, 544860 & 544876 Tine Wheel Mounting Holes
6/6/2001 PI310 Ryan Ren-O-Thin Short Belts
1/31/1996 PI279 Ryan Tote Trailer Stop Arm (Sediment Bowl Protection)
4/1/2009 JC-006A-09 Ryan Tracaire Guard
6/24/2009 JC-015-09 STEINER 230 Neutral switch
4/10/2009 JC-008-09 Steiner Product Spark Arrestor and Warning Decal
4/1/2009 JC-006-09 TRACAIRE GUARD
11/12/2004 C-046-04 Walk Behind Briggs & Stratton Engine Fuel Filter
4/5/2012 JC-005-12 Walk Behind Units Clutch fails to engage 108208
12/11/2008 JC-025-08 Warranty Warranty Claim Submission Time Limit
12/12/2008 JC-026-08 Warranty Warranty Return Time Limit on Parts
9/21/2011 JC-011-11Rev-1 Zero Turn Riders Lower Seat Cushion Tearing
3/26/2008 JC-003-08 ZT 200 Series Top Feed Fuel Tanks
4/18/2008 JC-011-08 ZT 200 Series Suspension Seat Components
4/18/2008 JC-012-08 ZT 200 Series Belting Routing Decal
12/17/2007 JC-028-07 ZT 3 BAG GRASS CATCHER Heat Baffle Missing from Kit 4140869.7
6/15/2004 C-023-04 ZT Diesel Diesel Engine Oil Fill & Drain Tube
1/17/2008 JC-002-08 ZT Series Clutch Pigtail Mix Up
3/14/2005 C-012-05 ZT2 Crankshaft Spacing
8/8/2005 C-032-05 ZT2 Generac Engine Service
10/7/2005 C-046-05 ZT2 61" Deck Extension
10/1/2003 C-156-03 ZT2 Series / BZT2 Series Pump Idler Upgrade Kit 970299 970299
7/22/2004 C-028-04 ZT2 Series / BZT2 Series Electric Clutch Jumper Harness
10/1/2003 C-161-03 ZT2 Series/ BZT2 Series Cutter deck top wearing in sandy or harsh conditions
12/1/2003 C-168-03 ZT2 Series/ BZT2 Series Proper procedures for hydraulic testing
3/12/2004 C-010-04 ZT2/BZT2 Series Remote Engine Air Filter
5/16/2007 JC-010-07 ZT200 Series Pump Drive Belt Idler Spring 38219
6/8/2007 JC-012-07 ZT200 Series Deck Rear Idler Post Retaining Bolt
1/23/2008 Shop Tip 1 ZTR Pump Removal & Replacement Units with Drum Brakes

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